Our History

First established in 1947 as RUSEWE (Rudolf Sellner Wels) by Rudolf Sellner in Wels/Upper Austria, the company which is today known as “Sellner – School and Office GmbH started out by solely producing mechanical- and fountain pens. After more than 65 years of constant growth, the family-business is now more than proud to employ approximately 70 employees. In addition, due to the strong international orientation, the company is currently yielding an export rate of over 90%.
Furthermore, the development department, the toolshop and the whole production are still located in the companies headquarter, in order to ensure the highest possible flexibility and individuality for all customers.
Eventually, the optimised production lines in combination with the lowest possible retooling times offer a unique experience to all customers world wide.

  • High end production technology
  • In-house tool shop and development department
  • Highly trained and skilled employees
  • Constant quality-control throughout the whole production process
  • Competent and inter-connected logistic team
  • Environmentally friendly production

Our Values

The Company relies on a strong foundation of ethical principles to ensure a sophisticated and especially environmentally friendly logistic process.

Supply Chain:
100% Made in Austria – All products of the company are completely designed and produced in Austria.

Social Engagement:
By cooperating with eight regional social institutions for physically and mentally impaired people, the Sellner Group is providing them with adequate opportunities to work for the company and to take part in the working place.

Nothing is wasted – under this premise, no resources will be squandered. By reusing faulty parts in the production process, it is possible save a lot of precious resources. Additionally, as the whole manufacturing takes place in one single location, transport can be avoided completely, resulting in a much lower burden for the environment.

Our Competences:

The analysis of market situations and the inclusion of the customers (company) strategies are rounding up the product development process and are offering highly individual and exclusive product portfolio to all customers.
Custom-made private-label products for all markets and price ranges are our passion.

High Quality standards and products MADE IN AUSTRIA – That’s what we stand for.