Ink Cartridges & Ink:

The production of all kind of inks has been one of our core competencies for as long as the company already exists. In our own laboratory, inks are developed according to individual customer requirements and tested for ink coverage, writing performance and document authenticity. We also set the latest trends in the creation of inks with fragrances. For example, a lilac-colored ink has a subtle lilac scent.

Ink Extinguishers & Fiber Pens:

Our products, developed specifically for the writing-learning process, adapt to the children’s graphomotor skills. The writing instruments are adapted to the school requirements and support the learners in writing, painting and drawing

Marker: TM, PM, WM, CD

The use of our writing instruments in the office sector places high demands on the reliability and the writing performance. At the same time, the ink must dry quickly and be lightfast. Through many years of experience and production of all components and inks in-house, we can adapt our office products to exactly these requirements.

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